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[Sally]Come discover Chicago with one of the city's leading historians! Find out how the city became what it is today, what drove the men and women who shaped Chicago, and why its architecture has been the subject of discussion, debate and praise since its founding.

Sally Sexton Kalmbach, a fourth generation Chicagoan and author of an in-depth biography of the life of Chicago socialite and philanthropist, Mrs. Potter Palmer, will astound you with the history, lore and legends of the greatest American city. Choose from a variety of topics ranging from the Columbian Exposition to Daniel Burnham's Plan of 1909, to the Throne Rooms, a personal favorite at the Art Institute.

Enjoy visits to locations not accessible to the public, including the offices, private homes, and clubs of influential architects of Chicago's past. Hear about contibutions to the city's skyline and society as well as the experiences that inspired them to greatness.

Sally's walking tours are designed to appeal to a broad range of ages and backgrounds, making them ideal for long-time Chicagoans and tourists alike. Contact us today to book your Chicago experience now!

Interested in hosting a party or historical get-together in the privacy of your own home? Call Sally for a list of speeches fit for nearly any occasion. Each one is accompanied by a slide show of period photographs gathered from the Chicago History Museum and Sally's personal collection. Speeches can also be tailored to address your specific areas of interest in Chicago history.

Sally has written books about two legendary women from Chicago's history: Mrs. Potter Palmer (The Jewel of the Gold Coast: Mrs. Potter Palmer’s Chicago) and Mrs. James Ward Thorne (Mrs. Thorne’s World of Miniatures)